Our Goals

You have reached the right place. We know how stressful and time consuming college planning and applying is, and how difficult, yet critically important it is to do it right. We are here to take the whole process off of your hands, restoring peace and harmony between children and parents, and making sure every client gets into a great college, the college of their dreams.

Ivy Advocate's mission is to get students into the college that is the perfect fit for them. We pride ourselves on focusing students on top tier colleges and universities in the United States. While dealing often with Ivy League schools (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Penn, Dartmouth, Columbia and Cornell) we also assist with applications and admissions to other top tier schools (MIT, Stanford, Chicago, Duke and many others.)

Unlike other consultancies who have teams of "experts", all clients deal directly with the President of Ivy Advocate, Nitsan Hargil, CFA, who has published over 2000 pages of research and has made dozens of television appearances.

Our goal is to ensure that each student reaches their full potential at the college that is the best fit for them.


While many of our customers are in the tri-state area (NY, CT and NJ), we enjoy working with clients all over the world. We look forward to speaking with you during a free 45 minute consultation, as noted below. Our expert services are provided directly by the renowned college counselor, Nitsan Hargil, CFA, who assists students and parents through the many phases of the college selection process including:

Professional college essay coaching - We get you to focus on writing that hard hitting essay full of feeling that will show your real, deep self to the admissions officer, and have them focus on and remember your application

Complete application overview - Grades, test scores, essays, recommendations, and supplemental information, all need to be perfect prior to submission

High School curriculum planning -We start working with students entering 9th grade, and focusing on Juniors and Seniors planning curriculum, testing schedules, extracurricular activities and summer programs

Wait List improvement - Direct and aggressive action to get you off the wait list and into the Freshman class

International student admissions - Guiding you to the right college, and making sure your application is ivy ready

Financial Aid planning - We deal with the ins and outs of how to finance the education of one or more kids without breaking the bank