About Us

We look at your college application as an unbiased Director of Admissions would

Ivy Advocate has the ability to have our President, Nitsan Hargil, CFA, look at the application as a Director of Admissions at a top university would. While the information may be the same, the presentation can make the difference between a candidate of no consequence versus one which the university will actually fight to have join the freshman class. We help you come back with an application that looks like the smart, aggressive and active candidate that you can be.

We work with both students and parents to maintain best results and harmony at home

Mr. Hargil optimally works with students and parents together, parents separately, and students separately. This way he acts as a bridge between the student and the family, able to bring about the optimal result, a student who is excited about their future, as well as ready to meet the marketplace demands for top college graduates.

Ivy Advocate brings calm to the often chaotic process

We understand how overwhelming the application process can be. Which colleges should you apply to? How many applications are warranted? Which teachers are best for letters of recommendation? How much supplementary information to send? What about the tone and subject of the essays? The answers are different for each unique individual we deal with. We work patiently with you to get to the best answers to all those questions.

We get the "resonance" of the application as a whole just right

We also help with one of the most critical elements in an application, that of the overall "theme" or "resonance" that flows all across your application. Getting the resonance just right is one of the most critical elements in a successful application, pulling the Director of Admissions to a place where they want the student in their school. We take a holistic approach to the different parts of the application, making sure we are presenting the student as the interesting and exciting person that they are.

We bring out of you the personal essay that the reader remembers months down the line

Like it or not, the essay gets read for the first time between November and January, and the decision on the application gets made in March or April. We guide you towards writing an essay that stays in the admission officer's mind for months, allowing them to feel connected to the application when it's time to fight for the student to enter the university in admissions committee.