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At Ivy Advocate we offer the most professional services that can be found, and we do not rest until we get each client into the college of their dreams. We offer comprehensive services starting with making each client into a "dream" candidate by planning their high school career and summers with them and their families, all the way to making the perfect list of colleges to apply to, and assuring admission by showing when and how to be most visible to each admissions officer we will be courting.

We offer a very wide array of services starting with high school curriculum planning, extracurricular activities planning, summer program registrations, essay coaching, recommendation advice, application presentation, building a college list, college campus visits, maintaining contact with the admissions officers, getting you admitted, getting you off the wait list and into a college, and even improving on your financial aid package - it can be done!

  • Professional college essay coaching - We show you how to let your inner voice speak. College admissions officers often read over 1000 essays in a three month period. We work with you to get out an essay that will be so hard hitting and so moving that they will remember it when it comes time for them to present you in front of the admissions committee. The essay does not have to be long, but it does have to be intensely personal and captivating.
  • Complete application overview - Do you use the common application or the college's own? Do you type or handwrite? Do you get recommendations from your best teacher, the teacher who gave you the highest grade, or the teacher who knows you best? For each applicant, the answers to those questions can be different. We work with you on how to present grades, how to write notes explaining inconsistencies, which test scores to show, which essays to write, and what supplemental information to include.
  • High School curriculum planning - Starting with students entering 9th grade, we get together with parents and student on a monthly basis and discuss which courses to sign up for, how grades are progressing, which extracurricular activities are both of intense interest to the student, and useful on his activities sheet. We plan with you which summer programs can have the most impact on making the student the perfect applicant that admissions officers will fight to get into their college. Given a good student that we work with throughout high school, we can guarantee a student will get into one of his top two choices no matter what they may be. We guarantee this with a 100% money back guarantee on our four year plan.
  • Wait List improvement - We show you exactly how and when to take direct and aggressive action to get you off the wait list and into the Freshman class. While often less than 5% of wait listed students get admitted, it is not a matter of luck. We work with you to make sure the admissions officer will fight to have you make it into the college.
  • International student admissions - We work with students from around the world, patiently and precisely building the perfect application package that will get them into the school of their choice. We guide you towards schools that offer financial assistance also to international students, should you need, or schools that would look favorably on your type of application.
  • Financial Aid planning - There is much more to financial planning than filling out a FAFSA application. We explain to you how different colleges have different mechanisms in place to help families with different incomes. We guide you towards those most generous to your family's financial situation. We deal with the ins and outs of how to finance the education of one or more kids without breaking the bank.
  • Unlike other consultancies who have teams of "experts", all clients deal directly with the President of Ivy Advocate, Nitsan Hargil, CFA, who has published over 2000 pages of research and has made dozens of television appearances.