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While many of our customers are in the tri-states area (NY, CT and NJ), we enjoy working with clients all over the world. We look forward to speaking with you during a free 45-minute consultation. Our expert services are provided directly by the renowned college counselor, Nitsan Hargil, CFA, who assists students and parents through the many phases of the college selection process including:

How it Works

Excellence in Independent College Counseling

Since 2009 Mr. Hargil has helped over 200 students attend the college of their dreams. With students receiving an average of just over six letters of acceptance, Mr. Hargil has helped students get accepted into all eight Ivy League schools, and 29 of the top 30 universities in the US.

Admission to top universities is about each student using their entire college application to tell their unique story in a stirring, truthful, and impactful way. It is critical to write powerful college essays that stay with the reader for weeks. We show you how to properly, yet adamantly, indicate your interest in a university.

We carefully work with you to bypass the traps and pitfalls, both common and hidden, which lurk within the approximately 24 pages of a typical top university application. A great college application starts with a great college essay, but is ultimately about so much more. We look forward to easing your concerns, and working with you toward easy and successful college applications. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation, so that we can guide you to the best path for your individual situation.

  • College Essays the Reader Remembers Weeks Down the Line

    The essay is read for the first time between November and January, while the decision on the application gets made months later, often in March. We guide you toward writing an essay that stays in the admission officer's mind for weeks, allowing them to feel connected to the application when it's time to fight in the admissions committee for the student to be admitted to the university.

  • Stress-Free Home for Students and Parents

    We realize that oftentimes this can be one of the more stressful periods for a family. Mr. Hargil optimally works with students and parents separately as well as together. This way he acts as a bridge between the student and the family. He is able to bring about the desired result, a student who is excited about their future, as well as ready to meet the rigors of a top university.

  • Bring Calm to the Often Chaotic Process

    We understand how overwhelming the application process can be. To which colleges should you apply? How many applications are warranted? Which teachers are the right choice for letters of recommendation? Should your personal essay be more forceful, or gentler and introspective? The answers are different for each individual we deal with. We work patiently with you to arrive at the best answers to each of those questions.

  • We Get the Tone of the Application Just Right

    We also help with one of the most critical elements in an application, that of the overall "theme" or "tone" that flows throughout the different sections. Getting the resonance just right is one of the most important elements in a successful application. It is often what nudges the Director of Admissions toward pursuing the student to convince them to attend their school.

  • We Look at Your College Application as an Unbiased Director of Admissions Would

    Ivy Advocate has the ability to have our president, Nitsan Hargil, CFA, look at the application as a Director of Admissions at a top university would. Nitsan has been doing this expertly since 2009, and has developed relationships with admissions officers at over two dozen schools. While the information in an application may be the same, the presentation can make the difference between a candidate of no consequence versus one which the university will fight to have join the freshman class.


Our goal is to ensure that each student reaches their full potential at the college that best matches their needs and aspirations. Since 2009, we have managed to achieve incredible results for our students. We pride ourselves on maintaining our goal of complete satisfaction for every client. Please contact us for a free 45-minute consultation, so that you can experience our world-class service.

Individualized Service

You have reached the right place. Each of our clients receives tailored service to meet all their needs. We know how stressful and time-consuming college essays and applications are, yet how critical it is to get every last detail just right. We are here to provide intensive personal assistance and answers to all your questions, working individually with both students and parents, enabling a stress-free household. We make sure every client gets into the college of their dreams.

Best-Fit College

The mission of Ivy Advocate is to get students into the college that is the perfect fit for them. While we pride ourselves on helping students attend top-tier colleges and universities in the United States, our focus is on guiding students to find the best-fit college, one where they will thrive. While often dealing with Ivy League schools, we also assist with applications and admissions to other top-tier schools (MIT, Stanford, University of Chicago, Duke and over 50 others). For us it is not about the ranking of the university, but about finding the perfect fit for the student.

Fair Pricing

Unlike other consultancies who have teams of "experts", all clients deal directly with the president of Ivy Advocate, Nitsan Hargil, CFA, who has been helping students since 2009, published over 2000 pages of research and has made dozens of television appearances. We use a fair pricing system, charging strictly for time used, in 10-minute increments, with no minimums or any hidden fees. There are no upfront or backend costs, no "packages" to buy, just pay exactly for the quality, exclusive service that you receive.


Our Customer Stories

Marta G

Mother of a 3rd Year Student at Stanford

Our daughter was feeling nervous and uncertain about the application process. Within weeks of starting to work with Mr. Hargil, her anxiety was gone, she was excited to do research on each school and she was focused on writing the perfect essays for her dream schools. Ivy Advocate is one of the best investments we have ever made.

Jummah Z

1st Year Student at Harvard

When I first started working on the Common App, I was struggling to write a strong personal essay. Mr. Hargil worked with me step by step, got to really know me, and helped me improve and perfect all my supplemental applications. With his help, I was accepted to 11 schools, including my top choice. Thanks Mr. Hargil!

Samuel J

Father of a 2nd Year Student at Northwestern

We were concerned that Mr. Hargil might be too busy to have direct contact with our son. For the seven months he worked with us, we felt like he knew and understood every detail of what our son was trying to achieve, always replied to our dozens of inquiries the very same day, and kept us ahead of schedule for the entire process. Great service and professionalism all around.

Joel S

High School Senior, Heading to Harvard

Nitsan was calm, professional, and helped me reach higher than I thought possible. After guiding me toward powerful essays, I was accepted to Stanford, University of Chicago, Yale, and MIT. I’m headed into Harvard’s class of 2024. I strongly recommend Mr. Hargil for any college entrance needs.

Maryanne K

Mother of a 2nd Year Student at NYU, and 2nd Year Graduate Student at Stanford

Our daughter Jen was completely overwhelmed by the process. Within days Mr. Hargil was working with her on her college essays, all the way to the end, choosing the best financial aid package. I am certain that without his help our choices would have been much more limited. The same year Mr. Hargil also helped our older daughter Elizabeth get accepted to graduate schools at MIT, Stanford, Princeton and Duke.

Jonathan L

Father of a 1st Year Student at UC Berkeley

Ivy Advocate was a true gift that ended up costing us nothing. Not only was Mr. Hargil great at expanding our horizons and choices for our son’s pre-med studies, but he stepped in and helped us through 2 rounds of negotiations via letters and calls regarding financial aid (entirely his idea.) We ultimately saved $13k per year for a total savings of over $50k over 4 years.

About Us

Nitsan Hargil - Ivy Advocate - Professional College Consulting

Nitsan Hargil, CFA, started his professional career in International Finance on Wall Street. Eleven years later, as his four children were about to apply to universities, he took it upon himself to help them. He soon found it to be a full time job. As all four of his children attended top 20 universities (University of Chicago, Washington U in St. Louis, Princeton, and Notre Dame), friends and family were asking for similar help. Word of mouth about the more than six offers on average per student got the business started, and his passion for helping people and working with young adults kept it going.

Mr. Hargil employs in his methodology many personal contacts such as admissions officers, students, professors, and deans of admission. A partial list of schools that have issued letters of acceptance to our students can be accessed via the link. Mr. Hargil also utilizes extensive spreadsheets with information collected over the past decade on over 50,000 students including GPA, AP, ACT, and SAT scores, a list of universities applied to, and whether they were accepted, rejected, deferred, or wait-listed. This database allows him to predict with exceptional accuracy the likelihood of a student from a particular high school being accepted into any particular university.

Devoting his working life to helping young students enter great colleges, visiting dozens of universities, and working with over 200 students since 2009, Mr. Hargil has become a foremost expert on college admissions, sought after in both the US and abroad.

Please contact us for a free 45-minute consultation, so that together we can take the first step toward a more successful future.

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Contacting us for a free consultation with Mr. Hargil is the first step on this exciting journey. Expect to have your questions answered in great detail, while Mr. Hargil takes the time to get to know students and parents, while determining the right path. We strive to have you come out of that first conversation knowing what next steps we can take to achieve a great outcome.

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